Make your bed a showstopper with a Wake in Cloud decorative quilt set, enhancing the décor of your entire bedroom. 

Make your bed a showstopper with a Wake in Cloud decorative quilt set, enhancing the décor of your entire bedroom.
Botanical Cotton Quilt Set

Quilt Set

Botanical Cotton Quilt Set

From $53.99

Floral Cotton Quilt Set

Quilt Set

Floral Cotton Quilt Set

From $59.99

Bohemian Microfiber Quilt Set

Quilt Set

Bohemian Microfiber Quilt Set

From $44.99

Floral Birds Cotton Quilt Set

Quilt Set

Floral Birds Cotton Quilt Set

From $53.99

Navy Blue Floral Microfiber Quilt Set
Constellation Microfiber Quilt Set
Charcoal Branches Microfiber Quilt Set
Gray Buffalo Check Microfiber Quilt Set
Charcoal Buffalo Check Microfiber Quilt Set
Red Floral Microfiber Quilt Set

Quilt Set

Red Floral Microfiber Quilt Set

From $39.99

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With you in mind

Make your bed a showstopper with a beautiful, comfortable quilt set. Dressing your bed with a selection of attractive quilts will elevate it from ordinary to extraordinary, enhancing the décor of your entire bedroom.

What’s also good to know about quilts is that they are a comfortable and practical part of your bedding. When layered with sheets and blankets, they provide a welcome layer of warmth.

They can also be used just as they are for a light topping in the summer months. You’ll find beautiful quilts in our Wake in Cloud collection, from simple geometric designs through to quilts inspired by boho chic and by nature – in short, something for everyone! Many of our quilts are reversible, so they make a versatile and attractive part of your bed linen set.

What’s special about Wake in Cloud quilts?

There are plenty of reasons why Wake in Cloud quilts are extra special. Our quilts are created in harmony with the rest of the Wake in Cloud bedding collection, in close collaboration with artists and graphic designers from all over the globe.

This means we offer a beautiful range of original and striking quilt set designs that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

As well as working in partnership with designers, we are closely involved in the manufacturing process of our beautiful home textile products. Knowing the origin of our products means we have the assurance that our quilts and other home textile products are produced in streamlined processes, minimizing waste wherever possible.

Quilts to reflect your style

So not only do our quilts reflect your planet-friendly values, but they are also a great excuse to showcase your unique style!

If you love the vibrancy of ethnic patterns and designs, you’ll find a selection in our quilt sets online.

For those who appreciate the natural world, we have a selection of quilts with floral and botanical designs.

And if you like to keep things simple, you’ll find simple quilts in neutral shades that go with just about anything!

Why quilts are the practical choice

Quilts are the perfect way to decorate your bedroom with minimum fuss. Unlike duvet covers, quilts can be simply thrown on the top of your bedding to give it an instant lift.

This means quilt sets are perfect for anyone who doesn’t enjoy wrestling with getting duvets back in their covers or who has restricted mobility, making this chore a challenge.

Quilts are ideal when you need to make up a bed in a hurry – for example, when unexpected guests arrive. Simply add them as a top layer to your guest bed, and you have a stunning and inviting place for your visitors to sleep.

What’s even better is that our quilt sets are light enough to be machine-washed without losing their shape or design. And because they’re lightweight, they are easy to fold up and store when not in use.

Browse our quilts online

Get your quilts supplies online from the stunning Wake in Cloud selection. Be assured by our 100% guaranteed returns policy for added peace of mind. Contact our friendly and knowledgeable team any time for questions about our beautiful and practical quilts.

Make your bed a showstopper with a beautiful, comfortable quilt set.

What is the difference between a quilt and a duvet?

Both quilts and duvets refer to different types of bedcovers, but there are a number of differences between them. The key difference is that duvets are plain and are designed to be used inside a duvet cover. This means that the duvet itself doesn’t need to be cleaned frequently, which is a bonus as they usually require specialist cleaning services. However, quilts don’t come with a separate cover, so they require cleaning every so often. But the great thing about modern quilts is that you can machine-wash them and they are light enough to dry quickly. Like duvets, quilts have a filling that helps keep the user warm and cozy in bed, although it tends to be less deep than the filling in duvets. This means quilts are generally thinner than duvets. One of the distinctive features of quilts is that they are stitched to keep the filling from moving about inside. The stitching is often created in decorative patterns, adding to their attractive design. As well as being skilfully stitched, quilts come in a whole range of colors and designs to fit in with any interior décor scheme. Nowadays, many quilts can be machine-washed, which makes them both a beautiful and practical addition to any bedroom.

What quilt filling is best?

There are lots of different fillings used for quilts. Cotton, polyester, wool and bamboo can all be used to fill quilts, and they come with varying levels of insulation and breathability. Microfiber is perhaps one of the best choices for quilt filling. It’s a durable material that is ideal for quilts that are frequently machine-washed as it retains its shape. It is also resistant to mold and mildew, so you can be assured that your quilt set is hygienic. One of the other wonderful things about microfiber is its lightweight feel, making for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Is a quilt better than a comforter?

To answer this question, we need to define the difference between quilts and comforters. They are both a type of bed covering consisting of a layer of filling stitched between two layers of protective fabric. Perhaps the most striking difference is that quilts are known for their attractive and distinctive patterns, and the stitching used to keep the filling in place forms part of this design. This means they can also be used for decorative purposes – for example, as wall hangings or rugs. Comforters tend to be thicker with more filling than quilts. They are only used for the practical purpose of forming part of your bedding. Comforters make a great option if you are purely looking for a thick and warm bed cover-up at night. But if you’re looking for an attractive and lightweight bed covering, quilts are the better option. And remember that you can always layer up your quilt with sheets and blankets if you want a bit of extra warmth.

What is the best quilt for all seasons?

The beauty of quilts is that they are versatile bed covers that can be used throughout the seasons and at any temperature. A quilt made with 100% cotton outer fabric and microfiber inner fill is a great choice to take you through from spring all the way through to winter. The cotton layer against your skin will keep you warm and cozy in winter and provide breathability to keep you cool in summer. Meanwhile, the microfiber filling will offer just the right amount of insulation whether you are basking in summer temperatures or need some protection against the winter chill. This sort of quilt and a sheet will be all you need for summer temperatures. You can always add extra layers in the form of extra sheets, blankets or duvets in the winter months. Microfiber filling is also lightweight, so you will have no problem washing or storing your quilt.

Does a quilt go over a duvet?

Quilts are designed to be the top layer of your bed covering, so it’s perfectly possible to place a quilt on top of a duvet if you are seeking some extra warmth and protection in bed. However, even though they are light, quilts offer you warmth and coziness, thanks to their insulating inner layer. They can be used with just a sheet to give you a comfortable night’s sleep. If you want some extra warmth without using a duvet with your quilt, you could also add a blanket between your sheet and quilt. This way, several thin layers will trap warm air and keep you toasty all night long.

Why are quilts so warm?

While quilts are a lighter bed covering than duvets, they can still provide a good level of warmth even in winter temperatures. This is due to their layering. A quilt has a layer of insulation stitched in place between its outer layers. This traps warm air and gives the user a comfortable experience. Fillings such as microfiber are warm and retain heat. As such, a quilt makes an ideal bed covering if you want something that’s lighter than a duvet but just as capable of doing its job of keeping you warm and cozy.

Are quilts warmer than blankets?

Yes, generally speaking, quilts are warmer than blankets. While a blanket is just a single-layered bed covering, quilts have a layer of insulation sandwiched between two outer layers of material. This means warm air is trapped in the middle layer and keeps the user very warm and cozy. As well as being warm, quilts have a number of other advantages over blankets. They tend to come in a wider range of attractive and distinctive designs. They also machine-wash easily, retaining their shape and colors. What’s great about the Wake in Cloud collection of quilts is that you can purchase a few sets so that you can switch up the look of your bedroom easily.

Are quilts warm in winter?

Yes, quilts make a great choice for warm winter bed coverings. Their filling traps warm air and keeps you comfortable and cozy in bed. So, they can be used just with a sheet or layered with blankets if you like a bit of extra comfort in bed. And remember that your quilt doesn’t have to be thick and heavy to keep you warm in winter. The way it’s designed means it can be lightweight and deliver a lovely warm and cozy feel to your bedding at the same time.

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