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All Kids

Our kids range at Wake In Cloud will create a warm and cosy bedroom environment for your little ones. 

Our kids range at Wake In Cloud will create a warm and cosy bedroom environment for your little ones.
Gray Space Cotton Kids Nap Mat
White Space Cotton Kids Nap Mat
Blue Dinosaurs Cotton Kids Nap Mat
Purple Galaxy Unicorn Microfiber Kids Nap Mat
Purple Unicorn Microfiber Kids Nap Mat
Pink Unicorn Microfiber Kids Nap Mat
Light Pink Mermaid Microfiber Kids Nap Mat
White Cat Cotton Kids Nap Mat
Purple Blue Unicorn Microfiber Kids Nap Mat
Astronaut on Navy Blue Microfiber Kids Nap Mat
Mermaid Scales Microfiber Kids Nap Mat
Pink Rainbow Unicorn Microfiber Kids Nap Mat
Ivory Cream Dinosaurs Cotton Kids Nap Mat
Mermaid Gradient Scales Microfiber Kids Nap Mat
Black Unicorn Microfiber Kids Nap Mat
Pink Ballerina Dress on White Microfiber Kids Nap Mat
Mermaid Purple Blue Gradient Microfiber Kids Nap Mat
Pink Polka Dot Unicorn Microfiber Kids Nap Mat
Polka Dot Unicorn Microfiber Kids Nap Mat
Rainbow Unicorn Microfiber Kids Nap Mat

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With your kids in mind

Your kid’s bedroom is more than just somewhere to sleep. It’s a place to dream, imagine, and reach for the stars.

And so, what you put into it will help stimulate your child when they want to play, learn, and grow, and make them feel safe and secure when it’s time to rest.

Shaping your child’s precious space

From key pieces like the bed you choose for your child through to kids’ room accessories, your choices will shape your child’s precious space.

Our range of children’s bedroom accessories is designed with your little one at heart. Mindful that your child’s room is their sanctuary, our designers have curated a collection of children’s bedroom accessories that balance style and comfort, helping you create a joyful haven for your child.

A world of dreams

From bedding, floor pillowcases, and nap mats for a dreamy night’s sleep or daytime adventures, through to blankets and throws from our main collection that can be mixed and matched, we have everything to transform your child’s bedroom into a world of dreams.

Your kid’s bedroom is more than just somewhere to sleep. It’s a place to dream, imagine, and reach for

What should be in a child's bedroom?

The first thing to think about is, "What’s the purpose of my child’s bedroom?" It’s where they go to find comfort and refuge and to sleep. It’s also where some of your child’s biggest adventures will take place. Let’s start with the practicalities. When choosing a bed, you may want to select an extendable bed that grows as they do with sides that can be removed. Bedding is what makes your child’s room inviting, so why not let them choose a style that appeals to them? Add in blankets, throws, and cushions in soft and natural fabrics to get your child excited about going to sleep! And if your child likes to nap on the floor, no problem! A nap mat spread out on the floor is the perfect solution for daytime naps or those times when your child just wants to get snuggly. Less is more when it comes to furniture. A modular storage unit to keep your child’s toys tidied away and somewhere to keep their clothes is probably all the furniture you need, particularly if your child’s bedroom is on the small size. This allows space for your child to play and gives you the flexibility to add and change things around as your child grows.

How can I make my child's room feel safe?

Choose fittings and furniture that are designed for a child’s small size. Even better if you can find furniture that grows with them, so check out expandable beds and modular furniture that you can add to as your child grows. We all need a place to retreat, kids included. So, dedicate an area of your kid’s room to a reading nook or quiet corner. Furnish with playmats and floor cushions to make a comfy, appealing space where they can snuggle down and enjoy a favorite book or simply dream their dreams. Select children’s bedroom accessories that reflect your child’s passions. Let them have a say in the products you choose, like bedding sets, so they feel that they own their space. Add in kids’ room products like throws and cushions in soft natural fabrics that feel comforting and inviting to your child. They have the added benefit of muffling sound to promote a calm environment. If your child has a fear of the dark, plug in a night light that emits a gentle glow to comfort them. On the subject of lighting, dimmer switches are also a great idea to help your child transition from day to night and calm them before they drift off to sleep.

How can I make my kid's room look bigger?

Kids' rooms are typically the smallest, so you'll want the room to feel spacious and inviting. One of the things you can do to achieve this is to choose color carefully. A pale or neutral shade for the paintwork is key as lighter shades reflect more light and give a feeling of airiness. Get creative with storage. Go for tall, slim chests of drawers, a series of shelves going up a wall, or hooks on walls and the back of doors to maximize space. Or, choose furniture such as desks or bookcases that sit snugly in the corners of your kid’s room. Draw the eye toward the ceiling to create the illusion of height. You can do this by covering the ceiling with wallpaper or painting a pattern on it. Or, add a ceiling embellishment or hang a decoration from it — whatever it takes to attract the eye upwards. You can hang the curtain rail above the window frame, leaving a wide margin to make the window seem much bigger and the room brighter. Or, even forget curtains altogether and simply have a blind on the window. Finally, keeping your kid’s room as clutter-free as possible is also essential to give a sense of airiness.

How do I decorate my kid's small bedroom?

Make your kid's small bedroom a delight to spend time in by including the latest interior trends that help you make the most of the space you’ve got. Neutrals always work well in kids’ bedrooms, especially if they are on the small side. If you find white too stark, try a delicate shade of yellow, pale gray, or subtle beige. As well as opening up a small room, the other great thing about neutral hues is that they provide the perfect backdrop to soft furnishings and textiles of any color. A neutral background lets you add pops of primary color without overwhelming your overall scheme. You can also effortlessly tie in the décor of your kid’s room with the rest of the house when you opt for neutrals. Why not add an accent wall in a cool pastel shade, which will add to the illusion of space and add interest in what might otherwise be a featureless room? Including mirrors or other shiny kids’ room accessories will reflect light and brighten up the room. Keep the furniture in your kid’s small bedroom to a minimum to save space. Consider multi-purpose kids’ room products such as floor pillowcases, which can be used for naptime, playtime, and just chilling out.

How do I make my child's bedroom cozy?

Your child’s bedroom should be cozy and inviting, a place where they want to spend time not just to slumber the night away but also to relax and play. Luckily, there are plenty of hacks that will help you transform your child’s room into a safe and cozy haven. Children need soft, inviting spaces where they can snuggle down and relax. It’s natural for kids to want to get down on the floor to play and snooze, so invest in floor cushions, nap mats, or floor pillowcases to make them comfortable. Add touches of the natural world for a cozy feel. You can use images of plants or animals as decorative themes or introduce some house plants (out of the grasp of small hands!) to tap into the calming power of nature. Soft lighting always lends a relaxed vibe to any room. Dot table lamps around the room or use a dimmer switch to control the amount of artificial light in the room. This is especially important as bedtime approaches to make your child feel relaxed and ready to sleep. Framed photos of loved ones can also add a feeling of warmth and security in your child’s bedroom.

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