Foxes In The Emerald Forest - Special Kids Collection
The Artists

Foxes In The Emerald Forest - Special Kids Collection

Artist Collaboration with Tati Abaurre

In the magical emerald forest, a curious fox pivots its small ears, eager to catch the sounds of the forest. A bunny honks as it hops from a tree—a gray squirrel chips as it forages for nuts and seeds. Leaves rustle in the wind and a bird tweets as it swooshes from above.


Designed for all children, the Foxes in the Emerald Forest is meant to nurture creativity and spark imagination. "Mommy, what's that? A fox, a bunny, and a squirrel" you get the gist.



Tati's Design Process

All ideas start with a spark of imagination. For Tati, it was a whimsical forest with all the woodland animals. She loves collecting, too, and made sure to gather some Emerland twigs and leaves for inspiration.





The fun part was arranging the foxes, bunnies, trees, and birds into a beautiful pattern that all children will surely love.


The final sketch needed color to come to life. Tati chose an eye-catching orange for the foxes, white for the bunnies, and gray for the squirrels. This makes the design extra cute.


It's a gender-neutral theme that will also appeal to girls and boys. What's more, it's suitable for all age groups.





Wake In Cloud is ecstatic to introduce the Foxes In The Emerald Forest pattern through our partnership with Tati. It will feature on kids nap mats, kids beddings, kids comforter sets, and kids duvet covers. You've found the perfect pattern for curious kids who love nature and animals.


 "We are thankful to collaborate with Tati on a design that aims to restore the magic of possibilities and bring back the spirit of believing."

- Wake in Cloud Team 


About the Artist


Tati Abaurre is a pattern designer with a passion for creating pattern designs that are cute, sweet, and modern. She sees the beauty in everything and layers all her creations with a touch of cuteness. Her specialty lies in kid's patterns, but adults are also drawn to her artistry as it always invokes long-lost memories of childhood wonder and amazement.

The road to becoming an illustrator and pattern designer was not always apparent. Tati completed her architecture studies in 2013. She later enrolled in a kids illustration course at Emily Carr University, Vancouver. As luck would have it, she discovered and fell in love with surface pattern design.


Tati's beautiful patterns have featured on kid's clothing, stationery, books, decor, art, prints, and fabrics. Seeing her patterns come to life brings Tati her greatest moments of joy.


Born in Rio de Janeiro, Tati now resides in Ljubljana, Slovenia, with her husband Igor and son Leo. 

About the artist collaboration project

The Wake In Cloud artist collaboration project allows our brand to form lasting partnerships with creative and inspiring pattern designers. These mutually beneficial partnerships bring patterns and ideas to more people around the world. Telling their stories is a great privilege we also relish.




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