Fabric of Family Ties
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Fabric of Family Ties

Artist Collaboration with Lucia Sanguinetti

On a short visit to a garden center, Lucia Sanguinetti, who goes by her artist name Deinki, made a rather splendid discovery. She stumbled upon the serene and tranquil Hellebores flowers commonly referred to as the Lenten Rose.


Rose-like, delicate and cup-shaped, the majestic flowers bloom in the dead of winter, despite the chilly gloom, revealing that nothing can keep a good thing down, harsh and bleak conditions withstanding.


Knowing that the amazing flowers would translate into a beautiful pattern, Deinki began her earnest sketching, designing for one wearer in mind, her beautiful niece.





Sketches gave way to a digitalized pattern with a befitting name, Pollinators. Borne on paper, it retains its hand-drawn, rugged, and sketchy look. Pastel colors were utilized in the collection, and albeit paler, the design gives off a feminine allure, calmer feel, and sense of earthiness.


Wake In Cloud is honored to add the Pollinators pattern to its growing collection of designs. Anyone who loves the intimacy of floral patterns on quality fabrics has something to look forward to, and they will love having this inspired pattern around.


Lucia set out to make her niece smile. We can attest, she put a smile on our faces too. All aspects of this project were enjoyable, and we’re thankful for that.”

- Wake in Cloud Team


About the Artist

Lucia Sanguinetti works as a freelance fashion and textile designer. Born and raised in Argentina, she relocated to Germany, where she has lived for the last decade. A self-proclaimed lover of colors, patterns, and textures, art has been part of her life. Dad would bring home Pantone catalogs and fabric swatches from his textile factory job. She would visit his office and get lost awing at buckets of colors numbering in the thousands.

Her mom was quite the inspiration too, always creating: flowers to stamp on cushions, decor for the bedroom, and even little dresses for the dolls. The designing, creating, and sewing would also come naturally for Lucia.  


Formally enrolled in a Fashion Design degree at the University of Buenos Aires, Lucia would at the end of her course transition to the University of Applied Science in Berlin following an exchange program. She landed a role at an agency in Hamburg, serving the needs of various clients and honing her skills. Years later, her passion for design and fashion gave way to DEINKI, a personal brand.


Mondays are no longer dreadful. Travel and exploring the amazing Sachsenwald forests near her home provide for a happy distraction from work. A fire kindred many moons ago still burns in the designs she creates. Her selfless devotion to bringing joy into other people’s heart continues to inspire.



About the artist collaboration project

Through the Wake In Cloud artist collaboration project, our brand has had the opportunity to partner with emerging designers. Beautiful patterns made by the artists serve to add a creative touch to our bedding products that include duvet covers, comforters, sheets, and pillowcases. We’re also honored to tell the stories of the artists.

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