A Song of Wild Pansies, Bluebells and Forget Me Nots
The Artists

A Song of Wild Pansies, Bluebells and Forget Me Nots

Artist Collaboration with Julia Dreams

As Julia Dreams settles down to work at her desk, on the adjacent wall hangs a vintage system of colors wheel chart that serves as a trusted guide during the intricate process of mixing colors to achieve beautiful designs and patterns.

Being an emerging home textile brand, Wake In Cloud had the unique privilege to collaborate with Julia during the tumultuous but still beautiful season.


The seamless collaboration gave way to a beautiful botanical pattern inspired by wildflowers and garden flowers, including the iconic and free spreading, Forget-Me-Nots that are a testament to fidelity, truthfulness, and true love. The floral pattern was further enhanced by wild pansies that add a distinct and thought-provoking dark purple showcased in a five-petal configuration. Bluebells were also added for their striking and unmistakable bell-shaped petals.





Wake In Cloud plans to showcase the harmony of the three flowers and their distinctness in its new range of duvet covers.


The airy and delicate floral pattern with a neutral and warm color palette will look pretty and fresh in any bedroom it graces. It will be a wonderful choice for anyone who's looking to brighten up their sleeping quarters. Paying homage to the design’s earthy and natural feel, Wake In Cloud will make the new sets from quality mixed fabrics.


Collaborating with Julia was rewarding. We are over the moon that the pattern is infused with profound symbolism, meaning, and thoughtfulness. Our customers can look forward to having this elegant, dreamy, and spontaneous design in their homes.”

- Wake in Cloud Team


About the Artist: Julia Dreams




Julia Dreams works as a freelance illustrator and surface pattern designer.  From the on-set, Julia was always focused on art, attending graphical design courses as a teenager, pursuing a degree in graphic design, and launching her own graphical design shop that offered illustrations in her last year of university.      


While many artists can fall into the drudge of only creating what’s familiar, Julia loves experimenting with different techniques and materials. Pushing her creative boundaries allows her to constantly innovate and create varied collections that are personable and unique.


Her style leans on organic and feminine elements hence her preference for botanical and flower designs. She also designs with detailed lines, abstract shapes, realistic moments, painterly textures, animals, and celestial themes.





You’ll find Julia doing the work she absolutely loves in her beautiful and cozy apartment, where she turned one corner into a dedicated studio.


About the artist collaboration project

The Wake In Cloud artist collaboration project provides our brand with the opportunity to partner with emerging designers to create beautiful patterns. The designs will add a creative touch to our bedding products that include duvet covers, comforters, sheets, and pillowcases. We’ll feature their stories in our blog for our readers to learn about the creative process.  


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